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Coronavirus Risk Assessment – For week beginning June 15th 2020

Testwood School is currently: closed to most pupils

School Closure Update 1/06/2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

1st June 2020

Dear Parents/Carers of Year 10 students,

I hope you have been able to enjoy the beautiful weather we have been having especially now that the lockdown rules have been slightly relaxed so that we are able to get out a little more and meet up with family and friends from Monday 1st June.

I wanted to write to you all to outline our proposed plans to re-open our school for Year 10 students to have some face to face support from 15th June. We have plans in place within the current guidance from the government, which were published on 25th May. This is dependent on the government’s 5 indicators being met and then sustained.

Our main priority of course is ensuring the safety and well-being of all the students and staff in school. We have a model in place, which is supported by thorough hygiene measures to ensure everyone’s safety.

10:00 am – 11:30 am   Monday 15th June    Tuesday 16th June    Wednesday 17th June    Thursday 18th June    Friday 19th June
House                             Bedivere                     Excalibur                    Galahad                             Lancelot                       No students

• Students will be in school from 10.00am until 11.30am once a week until the end of the summer term
• Students will be asked to report to reception at 10.00am – queues like those at supermarkets will be in place to ensure 2m distances
• Students will start with a briefing in the hall (sat on chairs 2m apart)
• We will move the students into a number of Pods with between 6 – 12 students in each one. This Pod will be your son / daughter’s room for every session between that date and the end of term. Strict rules will apply to ensure social distancing at all times
• The Pods are classrooms which have been created to meet safety requirements
• There will be no requirement to wear school uniform unless you wish them to do so (so that clothing can be cleaned after each session) however, clothing and footwear should be appropriate for a public setting. Due to the current high temperatures, this forms part of our strategy in the summer term
• There will be no break or lunch period – students can bring a snack and their own drink.
• Students are to bring their own equipment (which can’t be shared with others) in a pencil case. If they need to borrow equipment, teachers will supply it but it will be kept in a container for that student only
• Those students who have worked on work packs can bring the work in to be assessed
• Teachers and support staff will be available to give guidance and support as well as talk to the students about any concerns they may have about their learning or how they are feeling emotionally
• Students may wear plastic gloves, face masks if they wish. There will be hand sanitiser units outside of each Pod. Staff may be wearing face masks and/or gloves but it is not compulsory in school settings
• Our first aider is equipped with full PPE so that any health issues can be managed safely

Testwood will still be providing supervision for our critical worker and vulnerable students as well as home learning tasks on Google Classroom or work packs for all Year groups during June and July. Please be aware that those children from Year 10 who are currently attending in the LRC and ICT 4 should continue to do so. They will not be joining the new Year 10 students who attend from 15th June onwards.

This is a very confusing and anxious time for every one especially those of you wanting to make the correct decision about your own child’s learning, health and well-being. You are encouraged to send your Year 10 child into school on the date above and each week thereafter until the end of term. There will be no right or wrong decision; whatever you choose will be supported by us. We ask you to continue to encourage your son and daughter to complete the work set. If it is work on paper from work packs, please bring the work into reception or email it to us so that we can get it marked and give feedback to the students.

I am asking teaching staff to produce an end of year progress report for your children. The work they have completed will help inform this report. It is likely that this report will be part of the picture we share with colleges and apprenticeships for Year 11 so it is important to encourage your Year 10 children to continue working.

• Our Testwood Risk Assessment document can be found at the top of this page

If you have any questions about this letter, please do not hesitate to contact me or one of the senior staff.

Take care – enjoy your week, stay safe and keep smiling!

Warm regards,
Mrs Pitman, Mr Webber, Mr Ward, Mr Murphy, Mrs Sim and all of the staff at Testwood