Clubs/Enrichment Activities

At Testwood we recognise that all of our students are unique individuals, and we provide an extensive range of opportunities for all to broaden their experience and develop their interest, skills and talents. Our Enrichment Activities can help students develop important life skills such as leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and communication as well as provide opportunities for students to bond with their peers and teachers outside of the classroom.

These experiences often push students out of their comfort zones, encouraging resilience and adaptability. Our trips also allow students to explore different arts, cultures, traditions, and historical sites which can foster cultural appreciation, empathy, and global awareness.

Overall, Testwood School enrichment activities and trips contribute significantly to a well-rounded education by providing our students with diverse learning experiences, fostering personal growth, and building connections within the school community and beyond.

In the Autumn Term 2023, over 500 students were involved in extra-curricular activities.

There are a number of upcoming trips organised: the Blood Brothers theatre visit in February, a trip to Paris, France in March, a theatre visit to see the Matthew Bourne’s ballet Edward Scissorhands in March, Dance Live in March, Milford-on-Sea Geography Trip in March as well as a trip to Harry Potter World in April and the Rona Sailing Experience in May.


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Educational visits at Testwood School

At Testwood School we believe that learning goes beyond the classroom walls. Therefore, we offer a rich programme of educational visits designed to spark excitement, deepen students’ understanding and create memories that will last for a lifetime.

Going on school trips helps students gain real-world experience that cannot be taught in a classroom, opening their minds to different cultures and strengthening their knowledge of the world around them.

Every year we run educational visits that can:

Bring subjects to life:
Visits that allow students to experience history first hand, allow students to wonder at artistic masterpieces, witness the awe of geographical processes, immerse themselves in other cultures and languages – all through our engaging and interactive visits

Increase student engagement:
Visits that allow our students to step outside of the classroom routines and spark a curiosity through unique learning experiences. Opportunities to inspire students to achieve and challenge themselves.

Create lifelong memories:
Visit that will live long in the memories as students, experiences that will build bonds and friendships that go way beyond the curriculum

Develop essential life skills:
Visits that foster teamwork and communication skills, that give students the opportunity to take on real world problems and build practical life skills

Guest speakers

Hearing from guest speakers enables students to learn from and engage with significant individuals from a variety of industries and areas of expertise in a way that cannot be done in the classroom alone. Hosting visiting speakers in schools has been shown to benefit students in a number of ways, including by increasing aspirations for later life, avoiding stereotyping, providing motivation to work harder, boosting self-belief, developing social skills and building resilience. At Testwood, we have been fortunate to receive visits from a number of guest speakers.

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