House System

House Leaders
Mr T Hill |  Mr C Ball | Mr J Lockyer | Miss R White
Bedivere | Excalibur | Galahad | Lancelot

At Testwood, our House system is an integral part of school every day. It is designed to give students and staff a sense of identity and to provide a range of activities beyond the classroom to inspire students to be part of a team, compete with others and give them a sense of pride.

Each student is placed into one of our four Houses when they join Testwood School. Where possible, siblings are in the same House to foster a sense of family loyalty.

At the very heart of the House System is our school vision ‘Every Child, Every Step, Every Day. Put simply, we want our children and young people to:

      • Engage in a diverse range of activities
      • Participate in healthy competition
      • Develop a sense of community cohesion
      • Show compassion for other people

The objectives of the House System

Our objective is to give every student in each house the following:

      • A sense of belonging
      • Positive role models from within their peer group
      • A sense of achievement outside the classroom
      • Fun and excitement through competition
      • Curiosity and creativity
      • Individual and collective responsibility
      • The confidence to be bold, take action and develop a spirit of adventure
      • The development of communication skills, flexibility and resilience

Achievement Points

Students in each House strive to earn as many achievement points as they can to support their House and to be the House with the most points. Students can earn these points through effort in class for varying situations, attending lunchtime and after school clubs, participating in visits or outside competitions whereby the individual has represented the school. 

House Competitions

Throughout the year, various competitions will be set.  Students who participate and winning entries will be rewarded with House Event points for their team. At the end of each year, the winning House team receive the House trophy.

The History of the Houses

Logos designed by students at Testwood!

House - Bed
House - Exc
House - Gal
House - Lan