Vision and Values

Testwood’s vision and values

Our vision for Testwood:

Nurturing our young people to become respectful, resilient and proud to take responsibility in our community.

Our values (through which we will bring the vision to reality):

    • Caring
    • Inclusive
    • Ambitious

How we shaped our vision and values

During the autumn term of 2023 the students on the School Council, the staff, volunteer parents and carers, and the trustees worked separately to identify the vision for Testwood (what we wanted our students to be like when they leave us). This was then combined into a vision statement that reflected the visions of the different stakeholder groups.

Once the vision statement was agreed upon the same groups worked separately on identifying the values that everyone at Testwood should demonstrate in their behaviours every day in order to make the vision a reality over time. These were then combined to produce the three values, which are listed in priority order.

Aligning the everyday experience of the Testwood community with this vision and these values is an ongoing and eternal process.