Head of Subject

Mr N Ainsworth



At Testwood School we recognise that all students need a planned programme of Careers, Education, Information and Guidance (CEIAG) in order to enable them to make an informed choice for their next stage of their education. We appreciate the great importance of this choice and support the students need to make decisions that are right for them; and will enable them to lead a secure and happy life with high aspirations for their future careers.

We are committed to our embedded programme of career information and guidance, which provides targeted support to all year groups through our differentiated approach that appreciates the needs of the students and the importance of STEM related careers.

We aim to provide knowledge, insight and experiences to allow students to make informed decisions for their future choices regarding further and higher education, apprenticeships, training or work.

We are proud to have strong links with Southampton University and effective links to the Hampshire Colleges. As a result of this, we offer trips to students across all year groups to visit the University and the Colleges in order to gain a deeper insight into further education. Our careers programme is developed in line with the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks as part of the national careers programme for careers in education.


‘The school’s career information and guidance programme is effective in ensuring that pupils in key stage 4 have a good understanding of the opportunities available to them when they leave school, including apprenticeships’.

‘Pupils are supported through a range of activities in enrichment days, tutor time and personal development learning lessons and through personal interviews with senior staff and governors’.

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