COVID-19 Updates

Living with COVID

Coronavirus Protocol –  October 2022


The Government guidance for Living with COVID came into action from 1st April 2022, and includes two key pieces of advice:

Symptoms of a Respiratory Infection

People with symptoms of a respiratory infection (including COVID-19) and a higher temperature or who feel unwell should try and stay at home and avoid contact with other people until they feel well enough to resume normal activities and they no longer have a high temperature.

Confirmed Positive COVID-19 via LFT or PCR*

Anyone with a positive COVID-19 test result will be advised to try and stay at home and avoid contact with other people for five days, which is when they are most infectious. For children and young people aged 18 and under, the advice will be three days.

*Free universal testing will only be available to select groups (e.g. patients in hospital / people eligible for community COVID-19 treatments / people living in or working in some high-risk settings). This does not include school settings and no school settings will any longer be provided with test kits.

Contacting Testwood

Testwood will retain the address for parents and carers to contact us for any Covid-19 related queries.

Lateral Flow Testing

The free supply of LFT kits to all is no longer part of the government policy with the Living with COVID strategy, and Testwood no longer has any supply to give out to students or staff.

All our thanks for your continued support of our school with all things Covid.