Testwood School Uniform

A smart School uniform is an important part of the image of the School and we rely on parents to support us in our efforts to project the best image possible. The uniform is easily available from Skookit, is smart, comfortable and reasonably priced. All items of clothing should be clearly named. Other uniform providers may be used.

It is the policy of the School that the students should wear the following School uniform:

School Blazer

Plain black with School badge on top pocket (compulsory).

School Tie

School ties in house colours must be worn and are obtainable from Skoolkit. At least six stripes should be showing. Prefect ties must show the Testwood School logo.


Plain white with long sleeves and buttoned to the neck with a plain collar. (Short sleeves are acceptable in the summer) Please note: on formal occasions long sleeves are necessary.


Plain black pleated 24” knee length skirt. Short and/or tight skirts are not acceptable for School. Fashion, wrap-over or long skirts are not appropriate. Denim or cord are not allowed.


Plain black tailored School trousers. (Fashion trousers, e.g. very tight trousers are not acceptable). Denim or cord are not allowed. Leggings are not allowed.


Sensible, black shoes of a suitable style which must fasten securely for safety. Low heels must be worn. Trainers are not to be worn around the School. No pumps, fashion pumps or boots. Suitable footwear should be worn in snowy conditions.


In plain colours only: white or black socks or black tights should be worn. Knee high socks are not permitted.

Outdoor Coat

Smart, plain dark coloured, preferably black without badges. Denim, leather jackets and hoodies are not acceptable.


A watch, one plain stud earring in either or each ear lobe and School badges are the only acceptable additions to the School uniform. It may be necessary to remove items of jewellery in some practical lessons. Facial/body piercing is not acceptable for School. Stretchers, hoops, retainers, mouth smileys or tongue studs are not allowed.


Year 7, 8 and 9 students are not allowed to wear make-up. Year 10 and 11 may wear natural looking subtle make-up. Only discreet mascara and/or foundation. No nail varnish, false nails or extensions allowed. Hand paint or henna is not allowed. No shaved eyebrows.


Extreme, unsafe or inappropriate hairstyles are not acceptable, e.g. shaven heads, wedges, steps, any tramlines, inserts or unnaturally coloured hair. No shaves less than 1mm are permitted. No hair extensions (temporary, clip-in or plaited in).